The Power of CODESOFT: Stay Efficient with Powerful Features

Barcode Labeling Webinar presented by TEKLYNX Label Design Product Manager

Download TEKLYNX' live webinar, The Power of CODESOFT - Stay Efficient with Powerful Features, presented by David Kane, TEKLYNX Label Design Product Manager. In this webinar, Dave walks through the powerful and efficient features within CODESOFT 2014.

Key talking points:

  • Easy Upgrades from LABELVIEW - On a current version of LABELVIEW? No conversion needed! Labels natively and seamlessly open in CODESOFT for an easy transition
  • User Manager - Enable extensive granular security rules based on Windows credentials
  • Port Watch - Commonly used with scales and scanners, learn how to allow for the capture of information through a Windows port to populate information into the label and execute a print job
  • CFI - Command File Interpreter - Learn how to define the label, printer and content to be used in a print job
  • Enterprise Options - Learn how to integrate with TEKLYNX enterprise solutions for printing automation,  label approval, and secure label storage

To download The Power of CODESOFT, click here