In the Gray: Lean Labeling for a Sustainable Organization

In the Gray: A TEKLYNX Educational SeriesThe TEKLYNX Educational Series In the Gray is back! Introducing Part 2: Lean Labeling for a Sustainable Organization.

Dave Klement, Owner at Efficient Business Integrators (EBI), joins Nick Recht, TEKLYNX Enterprise Product Manager, to present the webinar: Lean Labeling for a Sustainable Organization

Download the recording to learn how lean labeling can increase efficiencies across your organization.

Lean Labeling Webinar

Key takeaways:

  • Challenges customers encounter when faced with a lean initiative are real, but able to be overcome
  • Lean labeling is all about reducing waste
  • Lean labeling leads to business sustainability
  • TEKLYNX & EBI can help

Explore the gray area of your business with us and learn more about lean labeling by downloading the recording today! Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #LeanLabeling