In the Gray: The Power of ERP-Driven Labeling

In the Gray: A TEKLYNX Educational SeriesThere are many "gray areas" when linking technology to the people who use it. The first installment of our new educational series, In the Gray, focuses on two "black and white" technologies: labeling software and ERP software. Our webinar addresses the gray area regarding what the benefits are, how you integrate them, and where and when to start.

Langley Melendres, Senior Operations Consultant at Global Shop Solutions, joins Nick Recht, TEKLYNX Enterprise Product Manager, and Cory Catterall, TEKLYNX Enterprise Sales Executive, to present the webinar: The Power of ERP-Driven Labeling.

Download the recording to learn how ERP-driven labeling can increase efficiencies across your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Integration is different for every organization
  • Labeling is mission critical
  • Integration can increase organizational efficiency and production capacity
  • Maximize the core investment of your ERP system and improve ROI on existing infrastructure by integrating your labeling and ERP systems

Explore the gray area of your business with us and learn more about ERP-driven labeling by downloading the recording today! Join the conversion on social media by using the hashtag #ERPLabeling