Cannabis Labeling

For both recreational and medical marijuana labeling needs, TEKLYNX label design software solutions help cannabusinesses meet US state and Canadian federal seed to sale cannabis labeling regulations and emerging standards.

The cannabis industry is faced with strict seed to sale labeling regulations for a variety of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and oils, for both THC and CBD content. TEKLYNX label design software helps you easily create, update, and print compliant cannabis labels with required data on-demand. Print black & white or full color compliant cannabis labels throughout the supply chain from grower, to processor, to dispensary.

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Cannabis label software

TEKLYNX did much more than sell us software...they worked with us to provide a solution that goes above and beyond our expectations, which is a service we can pass on to our clients.

TEKLYNX End-user


  • Design and print seed to sale compliant cannabis labels for case, carton, and packaging needs

  • Stay compliant with state and federal regulatory color cannabis labels with warning pictograms

  • Connect your labeling software to a database to efficiently create, update, and print cannabis product information onto your label, including strain, type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), weight, and THC and CBD levels