TEKLYNX Barcode Labeling Solutions for a Wide Variety of Industries

TEKLYNX provides barcode software to organizations in various industries to help automate and simplify their labeling processes.  Recognizing the need for companies to achieve compliance and have control in a validated environment, the team at TEKLYNX has also developed software to address specific federal regulations around labeling in the Life Sciences and Chemical industries.  Learn how TEKLYNX can help your organization meet industry specific labeling requirements.

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TEKLYNX Central barcode design software


TEKLYNX CENTRAL offers coordinated licensing for all of your TEKLYNX applications, which allows administration of all users across the organization from a single source.

TEKLYNX Central CFR - 21 cfr part 11 compliant


TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR offers coordinated 21 cfr part 11 licensing for all of your TEKLYNX applications, and allows administration of all users across the organization from a single source.

TEKLYNX Central GHS compliance software


TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS unites TEKLYNX’ proven label design, printing, security, and tracing applications into a single GHS solution, which helps you manage enterprise labeling users, licenses, and installation within one interface.


Aerospace & Defense
The ability to make critical decisions based on facts is essential in this industry. TEKLYNX enterprise solutions enable centralized management, accurate tracking and complete automation of the labeling process - arming employees with the information they need to make confident decisions. Meet unique supply chain requirements with TEKLYNX… + Learn More


In an industry that holds a high standard of quality for production and shipping processes, it’s essential for labeling to be consistent and accurate. From AIAG, VDA, JAMA/JAPIA, MHI, and Odette compliance labels to parts marking to shipping and receiving, TEKLYNX software helps streamline the manufacturing process, increase productivity and reduce costs... + Learn More

Consumer Goods

The cannabis industry is faced with strict seed to sale labeling regulations for a variety of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and oils, for both THC and CBD content. TEKLYNX label design software helps you easily create, update, and print compliant cannabis labels with required data on demand... + Learn More


Chemical & Petroleum/GHS
Creating accurate and secure labels is vital when handling chemical materials. TEKLYNX designed an enterprise solution specifically for the chemical industry that enables companies to meet Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) requirements without having to manage multiple systems. TEKLYNX provides detailed, auditable tracking of labeling activity to help you maintain control of your environment… + Learn More

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
The customer is always changing their mind and the competition is always growing. TEKLYNX provides labeling software to help improve your efficiency and increase productivity to help serve your customers. You need to get a product on the shelf on time that meets your customer’s expectations – we can help you do that by integrating into your existing systems and automating your complex labeling processes… + Learn More


The endless options in the electronics market all have one thing in common: they all require an accurate product label. TEKLYNX provides various label templates and formats to ensure no matter what product you’re working with, you’ll have the right label at the right time. Reduce your costs and lower your error rates with TEKLYNX… + Learn More


Energy & Utilities
Given the volatility and demand fluctuations in this industry, it’s important to prioritize those business processes that you can control. TEKLYNX labeling software makes this possible. Our software can be configured to any environment – simple or complex – and can automate the entire labeling process to minimize errors. Take control of a volatile industry with TEKLYNX… + Learn More

Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage
Requirements for labels in the Food & Beverage industry can often be complex and vary from one product to another. TEKLYNX understands your unique requirements and provides software products to help simplify the entire labeling process, starting with the label design. Whether you have a simple or complex labeling process, you can meet virtually any food compliance labeling requirement with TEKLYNX... + Learn More

Automatic data collection systems for government agencies require accurate labels. With TEKLYNX bar code labeling software, government suppliers can comply with the identification requirements for items of military property that are produced, stocked, stored, and issued by or for the Department of Defense … + Learn More


For years, TEKLYNX barcode software has been working behind the scenes in healthcare, helping the industry that helps others. From medication labels to patient ID tracking to inventory control, TEKLYNX software solutions provide the reliability and flexibility necessary when working with critical healthcare data... + Learn More

Life Sciences

Life Sciences
TEKLYNX understands that Life Sciences organizations are facing unique federal regulations around their labeling processes. We are committed to helping these organizations achieve compliance. Our enterprise solution designed specifically to help Life Sciences companies comply with 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 seamlessly integrates into the entire regulated enterprise and is extremely configurable… + Learn More

Essential to the success of any manufacturing operation is the accurate identification of the goods being produced. From pallet labels to carton tags, item labels, and vendor compliant shipping labels, TEKLYNX software solutions can fulfill the identification labeling requirements of any manufacturing facility... + Learn More

TEKLYNX offers a variety of software solutions for designing and printing product price tags and shipping labels that meet bar coding and compliance labeling requirements in the Retail industry. You can easily adjust to changes in labeling requirements with our flexible and configurable solutions... + Learn More


Shipping & Receiving
Looking for a high performance label design and printing solution that can be tightly integrated with an existing Enterprise system? TEKLYNX software provides a complete-loop solution with a range of identification, tracking, and mobility products that offer traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Our software allows you to keep productivity high, reduce errors, and increase ROI... + Learn More

Technology Manufacturing
In a revolutionary industry, it’s important to be agile and keep up with change. TEKLYNX labeling solutions provide the opportunity for configuration and integration with existing systems to help ensure accuracy across the globe. Control growing costs and weather change with TEKLYNX… + Learn More


Transportation & Logistics
No matter the cause, the most costly situation that can occur in a transportation and logistics company is a process slowdown or stoppage. TEKLYNX is committed to providing a labeling solution that integrates with your existing systems and is flexible enough to provide the label you need at the time you need it. Keep your processes running and get products out the door with TEKLYNX… + Learn More