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Cavicchio Greenhouses Cultivates Operational Efficiency & 100% Label Accuracy with TEKLYNX

Date: 01/10/2024 / Category: Press releases, Case studies


TEKLYNX label design and print automation solutions bring advanced software features and integration to horticultural grower and distributor. 


TEKLYNX International, known globally for helping companies barcode better with their labeling software and industry-leading customer support, today released a case study highlighting how their label design and print automation solutions, CODESOFT and SENTINEL, helped Cavicchio Greenhouses increase print speed by 20% and improve efficiency by 50%. 


Download the case study to read this TEKLYNX customer success story.


Previously, Cavicchio Greenhouses faced challenges with a tedious label design process and label errors due to manual data entry. The labeling process involved three employees designing and managing labels and 50 employees accessing and printing labels, but only from dedicated workstations. 

The advanced features of CODESOFT label design software and flexibility of data transmission to SENTINEL print automation software led Cavicchio Greenhouses to choose TEKLYNX. After implementation, Cavicchio Greenhouses experienced: 



The reliability of CODESOFT and SENTINEL also drastically decreased technical support time by an impressive 90%, ensuring smoother operations and a positive return on investment. Jim Petrillo, IT Manager at Cavicchio Greenhouses explained, “Our solution has been extremely robust. Once we ironed out the minor issues we had during the first couple of weeks, we haven't had any downtime or technical issues in the past 18 months!” 


“TEKLYNX is proud to have played a key role in modernizing Cavicchio Greenhouses' labeling environment. The successful implementation of CODESOFT and SENTINEL reflects our commitment to providing enterprise-level solutions that simplify complex workflows. As their partner, we’re dedicated to supporting their ongoing success and ensuring our solutions continue to meet and exceed their evolving needs,” said Doug Niemeyer, President & General Manager at TEKLYNX Americas.


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