TEKLYNX Customer Testimonials

Here at TEKLYNX, our employees work hard to make sure our end users and partners are taken care of. See what they have to say about TEKLYNX Customer Support:

“TEKLYNX support team is the best. Response time is instantly quick and they resolve the issue very fast. Aaron pleasantly assisted us with our issue. He's very knowledgeable and knows what needs to be done to get the issues fixed right away.” — John Tran, PVH Corp

“This is the level of service that makes a good product a FANTASTIC product." — David Nicholl, Stovall & Company


TEKLYNX Customer Support is Simple:

Caz, TEKLYNX Technical Support

"Three questions and it was done. We are ordering another LABELVIEW license tomorrow. Best customer service in the industry." — TEKLYNX End User

“Caz did great - a keeper. Just a refreshingly seamless use of technology and knowledge to ‘make it happen’ quickly. Good attitude and a pleasure to talk with. Did what needed to be done to help and seems to genuinely like his job. Type of attitude and people I want around me and I'll pay more to keep!” — Patrick Brown, Parkway Products

“Jane was enthusiastic in tone and courteous to me. She supplied the information I requested promptly which in turn allowed my company to shine in the eyes of our customer. She was fantastic.” — TEKLYNX Reseller 

“Aaron was honest and focused on our needs and informed us exactly what needed to be done. We had purchased a new printer without checking on compatibility. As soon as he heard the model number, he instantly knew what needed to happen. Aaron let us know where the improvements were needed and also provided us with a trial license while we get in touch with our reseller to have our application updated.” — Lo Taua, TEKLYNX End User

“Is very hard to find customer service that actually focuses on the issue at hand. Nicole is a good listener and after I finished explaining my issue, she very politely answered my question with no hesitation.” — Byron Calvo, Canada Colors & Chemical, LTD



Susie, TEKLYNX Customer Service

TEKLYNX Customer Support is Fast:

"Rasheeda and Lars were extremely quick, knowledgeable, and thorough in helping me online and by phone. Lars followed up with a phone call in what seemed like 15 minutes! Then, he made sure that someone called me the next morning, which was good since I still had questions. As a result, we are up and running, with the latest version of LABELVIEW and a new Windows laptop. What wonderful customer service. This sort of attitude and performance takes training and encouragement. It reflects significantly on your company and products." — Tom Wilbur, Wilbur's of Maine

“Tiffany was great. She responded within minutes to my email explaining a problem and resolved the issue right away. I am impressed. Thanks again.” — TEKLYNX End User

“Brianna was very knowledgeable, extremely capable, and expeditiously took care of my needs. I received great care, excellent assistance, and fast and speedy service!” — Jeffrey Celebrezze, Buckeye Business Products

"Jane very quickly got me the information I needed. Customer satisfied. Your folks do a great job! Much appreciated; thank you!" — Debi Edgecomb, RACO Industries 

“Within a few minutes, and I literally mean a few, Robert had the issue fixed. GREAT customer service. He took control of the situation and made us feel at ease immediately. Very professional.” — Charley Boley, US Cold Storage

“Phone was answered quickly, question about the invoice was answered quickly and, as a bonus, Susie took my payment over the phone so I didn't even have to fill out the online form. She made everything very quick and easy. I was able to handle this issue and get on with my day!” — John Burns, Presco Products

“Rasheeda was able to troubleshoot the problem in a short amount of time, resolving the issue quickly. She would not leave the line until everything was correct and fixed. Every TEKLYNX employee I have ever worked with has demonstrated outstanding customer service, support, and knowledge.” — Linda Dee, Suburban Gastroenterology, Ltd



TEKLYNX Customer Support is Here to Help:

Nicole, TEKLYNX Customer Service

“Aaron & Tony were extremely helpful solving a network key issue our customer was experiencing. I contact various companies each day for technical support and in my opinion, the TEKLYNX team is unsurpassed! Thank you!” — Phil Strecker, Automated Packaging Systems

“Becca was extremely helpful and efficient in assisting me. I had to get my customer's approval before I could proceed, so I called Becca back - she remembered who I was and what needed to be done. The person who represents your company is the face of your company. I can't tell you how much I appreciated Becca's professionalism and knowledge of the product.” — Stephanie Harpst, Sparton Medical Systems

“Nicole went above and beyond to help make this transition seamless for the customer. I was inspired by the ease of the process she explained to me. She never showed any dissatisfaction in her voice at all.” — Lisa West-McGee, Brady Corp

“Aaron assisted me with a problem with a 'when printed' variable that I was not able to solve on my own. During the troubleshooting, he showed and explained a few other features of LABELVIEW. This increased my own confidence and competence in your software and its many functions.” — John Gangloff, National Institute of Health

"I cannot thank you enough for Tania. My production department got your software installed yesterday. I was called in to try to figure the software out. I called Tania and we connected with join.me and she showed me a few tricks. Then I asked her to send me the manual for the program and without hesitation I received an email with the manual. I have been in customer service for over 20 years. It is a pleasure to get someone on the phone that has a great personality, knows the products, and is willing to go out of her way to help." — Dina N., Saramax

“Tony was more than helpful. I was blown away with his knowledge and skill. Even when the customer had a trust problem with the server, that had nothing to do with the TEKLYNX software, he was helpful. He stayed on the phone until we were sure the problem was solved. Honestly, by far, the best customer support I have ever seen.” — Kyle Phillips, Advantage Marking and Labeling

"My company has been using both LABELVIEW and CODESOFT for years. I've only been using them for the past year, and I noticed the improper ways it was used. I realized that I would have to contact you for info that nobody at my company could provide me. Robert was kind enough to shed some light on things that have been bothering me for a year, thus helping me start a project to repair and redesign the way labels are printed in my company. This project will reduce waste, raise efficiency and give workers in my factory better bonuses - and we have Robert to thank for that!" — TEKLYNX End User

"When you walk in on a Monday, and your software is not working, and you have a pile of work that needs to get done, it is very overwhelming. Brian was calm, cool and VERY helpful. He got us up and running, and now I don't have to worry about having a horrible Monday. THANK YOU!!!" — TEKLYNX End User



Aaron, TEKLYNX Technical Support

TEKLYNX Customer Support Cares:

“Anthony was kind, courteous, PATIENT and above it all - TENACIOUS in resolving the database connection issue to the customer’s CODESOFT Enterprise RFID product. Without developing the workaround, this high profile project would have failed. His direct and extended efforts made the difference between failure and success of the project and I GREATLY appreciate that.” — Dave Dooling, LOWRY Solutions

“I feel that Javell took extra time and effort to help me understand the different options that I could offer my customer. He went over everything several times and went out of his way to help me.” — Deanna Smith, Label Pro

“Nicole was on top of her game. She was very knowledgeable, answering all questions and giving helpful information. Nicole was friendly and sincere. It was a pleasure speaking with her. Nicole went above and beyond in assisting my request. She's a great asset to have on your team.” — Adrian Davis, APExpress

“Susie CARES. She wants to make it right, and do a good job. She is always helpful, friendly and more than willing to help.” — Debi Edgecomb, RACO Industries

"Lars made me feel like a true TEKLYNX partner and told me how I could provide the best information to our customer. He was extremely customer focused with me and could answer all my questions clearly and patiently. His technical knowledge was very good and provided me with all the information I needed." — Cindy Owen, Carlisle Technology

“Grant listened to what the issues were and offered solutions to resolve the problems. He was extremely patient over a sometimes noisy connection and addressed each issue with an extremely positive attitude. He guided us through the processes, having us do it so that the customer and myself would know what to do. Our customer was extremely pleased and happy with the outcome of the call. I can't ask for anything better as a reseller. Bravo, Grant!” — Dave Dooling, LOWRY Solutions

“Aaron took time to not only understand the issue, but to follow up and provide a workable solution for all involved. He called when he said he would call, and e-mailed detailed notes of what was decided, all while having a great attitude! I felt Aaron went above and beyond in helping to answer my questions. I'd want him on my team.” — David Shaffer, Land O Lakes

“Caz is very patient and took the extra time to go through the fix so I could understand all of the steps completely. Caz is professional and knowledgeable regarding the LABELVIEW product and configuration. Caz always fixes my issues when I call. I have dealt with him several times and he is a wonderful support person and a true asset to your company.” — Denise McMurray, Solvay Solexis