Are You Ready for GHS Labeling Requirements?

30 August 2012

Did you know that OSHA announced its plan to adopt the GHS labeling standards for the American market starting in 2013?  Do you have a plan to address these standards?

If your business manufactures and/or ships hazardous materials, keep reading... TEKLYNX and Epson hosted a complimentary one-hour webinar focused on GHS labeling requirements and their complete solution that will help your business achieve compliance.

Click here for a recording of "What is Your Plan? GHS Labeling Requirements and the American Market." Representatives from both TEKLYNX and Epson presented their solution to assist you in most effectively and efficiently meeting these important requirements. You will learn...

  • How the TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS software solution will help you take control of your labeling processes by increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing errors by giving your team the ability to identify, design, and track hazardous labels.

  • How Epson provides the ability to print color, on-demand labels onto prescribed durable media with their TM-C3400 inkjet printer, and why their International Maritime Dangerous Goods BS 5609 certification, a key standard for GHS compliance, matters to your business.
Together, TEKLYNX and Epson offer a completely GHS-compliant turnkey solution - don't miss out on the opportunity to take control of your environment, decrease risk, and achieve compliance!

Click here to download a recording of the webinar.