TEKLYNX Releases Enterprise Labeling Solutions TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR 5.0 and TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS 5.0

26 March 2019

Next-Gen Barcode Software Solutions Feature End User Enhancements to Drive Labeling Accuracy, Automation and Regulatory Compliance for Medical Device and Chemical Manufacturers 

MILWAUKEE (March 26, 2019) - TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, today announced its launch of enterprise labeling software solutions TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR 5.0 and TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS 5.0. These enterprise label management solutions offer companies of all sizes in medical device, pharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical manufacturing a centralized solution for label design, security and traceability, print automation and regulatory compliance to support next-generation digital labeling transformation. The releases include access to the latest version of CODESOFT label design, SENTINEL print automation, LABEL ARCHIVE label storage and traceability software, and a browser-based printing interface.

“We’re proud of the enhancements offered in TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR 5.0 and TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS 5.0  because both represent the future of enterprise label management,” states TEKLYNX General Manager Doug Niemeyer. “They reflect our commitment to equip medical device and chemical manufacturers with best-in-class labeling environments to help them label better today and well into the future.”  

TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR 5.0 and TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS 5.0 product highlights include:

  • Easy to install, migrate, backup and maintain – the software autochecks the ability to create and/or modify database structure and recognizes previously installed databases
  • True reprint feature shows end users the exact data that was originally printed and allows them to reprint a label with the original expiration dates, pack dates, counters, and other vital information
  • Mobile printing app for iOS and Android allows end users to type in or scan a value, return labels, and print from mobile devices
  • Multiple business logic driven webpages managed from one server – one enterprise label management solution now serves the specific needs of all internal and external business units 
  • Dashboard feature helps end users identify key labeling statistics including most active print users, busiest printers, and most commonly labeled products 
  • New metadata feature allows end users to pre-filter label templates by system-generated metadata or user-generated tags to reduce number of label templates, saving time and label storage space
  • Includes all recent CODESOFT, SENTINEL and LABEL ARCHIVE product enhancements
  • Provides a single regulatory compliance software Command Center that coordinates the enterprise labeling process with industry-specific regulations and labeling requirements  
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

Today, medical device, pharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical manufacturers around the world leverage TEKLYNX CENTRAL to label efficiently and accurately while complying with vast and ever-changing industry regulations. Recent examples of success include:

  • Leading global medical device manufacturer uses TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR to improve labeling efficiency, control and support for its global, multi-user labeling environment, improving total production efficiency by 50% and its ability to maintain compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11
  • Leading global adhesive manufacturer leverages TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS to centrally manage labeling while enabling random weight and color printing for GHS labels
  • Leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer uses TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR as global labeling platform while integrating hardware from three separate serialization companies 

To request a demo of TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR 5.0 or TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS 5.0, click here. Download the TEKLYNX CENTRAL 5.0 What’s New fact sheet to learn more about the new features and benefits.