New Printer Drivers Available - Sato, Printronix, Gprinter

27 September 2018

TEKLYNX has released new printer drivers for the following printer models. These are available for download from the DSP (Driver Service Pack).

Note: Check the compatibility of printer drivers with your labeling software. Compatibility can be checked on the DSP before you download the driver.

Download them from the DSP now

SATO family 

Sato FX3-LX DT305-Ad
Sato FX3-LX DT305-Ln


Printronix T6204 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6206 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6304 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6306 (PGL) (RFID)


Gprinter GP-9034Z
Gprinter GP-9134Z
Gprinter GP-9234Z
Gprinter GP-9035Z
Gprinter GP-9135Z
Gprinter GP-9235Z
Gprinter S-Z3301
Gprinter S-Z3302
Gprinter S-Z3311
Gprinter S-Z3312
Gprinter S-Z3321
Gprinter S-Z3322
Gprinter S-Z3331
Gprinter S-Z3332
Gprinter S-Z3341
Gprinter S-Z3342
Gprinter S-Z3351
Gprinter S-Z3352
Gprinter GP-1134Z
Gprinter GP-1234Z
Gprinter GP-1334Z
Gprinter GP-1135Z
Gprinter GP-1235Z
Gprinter GP-1335Z
Gprinter S-Z4301
Gprinter S-Z4302
Gprinter S-Z4311
Gprinter S-Z4312
Gprinter S-Z4321
Gprinter S-Z4322
Gprinter S-Z4331
Gprinter S-Z4332
Gprinter S-Z4341
Gprinter S-Z4342
Gprinter S-Z4351
Gprinter S-Z4352
Gprinter GP-9034ZD
Gprinter GP-9134ZD
Gprinter GP-9234ZD
Gprinter GP-9035ZD
Gprinter GP-9135ZD
Gprinter GP-9235ZD
Gprinter S-Z3301D
Gprinter S-Z3302D
Gprinter S-Z3311D
Gprinter S-Z3312D
Gprinter S-Z3321D
Gprinter S-Z3322D
Gprinter S-Z3331D
Gprinter S-Z3332D
Gprinter S-Z3341D
Gprinter S-Z3342D
Gprinter S-Z3351D
Gprinter S-Z3352D
Gprinter GP-1134ZD
Gprinter GP-1234ZD
Gprinter GP-1334ZD
Gprinter GP-1135ZD
Gprinter GP-1235ZD
Gprinter GP-1335ZD
Gprinter S-Z4301D
Gprinter S-Z4302D
Gprinter S-Z4311D
Gprinter S-Z4312D
Gprinter S-Z4321D
Gprinter S-Z4322D
Gprinter S-Z4331D
Gprinter S-Z4332D
Gprinter S-Z4341D
Gprinter S-Z4342D
Gprinter S-Z4351D
Gprinter S-Z4352D
Gprinter GP-9025Z
Gprinter GP-9125Z
Gprinter GP-9225Z
Gprinter GP-9026Z
Gprinter GP-9126Z
Gprinter GP-9226Z
Gprinter S-Z3201
Gprinter S-Z3202
Gprinter S-Z3211
Gprinter S-Z3212
Gprinter S-Z3221
Gprinter S-Z3222
Gprinter S-Z3231
Gprinter S-Z3232
Gprinter S-Z3241
Gprinter S-Z3242
Gprinter S-Z3251
Gprinter S-Z3252
Gprinter GP-1124Z
Gprinter GP-1224Z
Gprinter GP-1324Z
Gprinter GP-1125Z
Gprinter GP-1225Z
Gprinter GP-1325Z
Gprinter S-Z4201
Gprinter S-Z4202
Gprinter S-Z4211
Gprinter S-Z4212
Gprinter S-Z4221
Gprinter S-Z4222
Gprinter S-Z4231
Gprinter S-Z4232
Gprinter S-Z4241
Gprinter S-Z4242
Gprinter S-Z4251
Gprinter S-Z4252
Gprinter GP-3120ZU
Gprinter GP-3120ZL
Gprinter GP-3120Z
Gprinter GP-3150Z
Gprinter GP-9025ZD
Gprinter GP-9125ZD
Gprinter GP-9225ZD
Gprinter GP-9026ZD
Gprinter GP-9126ZD
Gprinter GP-9226ZD
Gprinter S-Z3201D
Gprinter S-Z3202D
Gprinter S-Z3211D
Gprinter S-Z3212D
Gprinter S-Z3221D
Gprinter S-Z3222D
Gprinter S-Z3231D
Gprinter S-Z3232D
Gprinter S-Z3241D
Gprinter S-Z3242D
Gprinter S-Z3251D
Gprinter S-Z3252D
Gprinter GP-4120Z
Gprinter GP-4150Z
Gprinter GP-1124ZD
Gprinter GP-1224ZD
Gprinter GP-1324ZD
Gprinter GP-1125ZD
Gprinter GP-1225ZD
Gprinter GP-1325ZD
Gprinter S-Z4201D
Gprinter S-Z4202D
Gprinter S-Z4211D
Gprinter S-Z4212D
Gprinter S-Z4221D
Gprinter S-Z4222D
Gprinter S-Z4231D
Gprinter S-Z4232D
Gprinter S-Z4241D
Gprinter S-Z4242D
Gprinter S-Z4251D
Gprinter S-Z4252D