New printer drivers available - Printronix, Videojet, GoDEX

21 gennaio 2016

TEKLYNX has released new printer drivers for the following printer models. These are available for download from the DSP (Driver Service Pack).

Note: Check the compatibility of printer drivers with your labelling software. Compatibility can be checked on the DSP before you download the driver.

Download them from the DSP now.

Printronix T8204 (PGL)
Printronix T8206 (PGL)
Printronix T8208 (PGL)
Printronix T8304 (PGL)
Printronix T8306 (PGL)
Printronix T8308 (PGL)

DataFlex 6320 32mm Continuous
DataFlex 6320 32mm Intermittent
DataFlex 6320 53mm Continuous
DataFlex 6320 53mm Intermittent
DataFlex 6420 107mm Continuous
DataFlex 6420 107mm Intermittent
DataFlex 6420 53mm Continuous
DataFlex 6420 53mm Intermittent

GoDEX family
Godex DT2 Godex DT2 GEPL Godex DT2 GZPL
Godex DT4 Godex DT4 GEPL Godex DT4 GZPL
Godex DT2x Godex DT2x GEPL Godex DT2x GZPL
Godex DT4x Godex DT4x GEPL Godex DT4x GZPL
Godex DT4L Godex DT4L GEPL Godex DT4L GZPL
Godex G300 Godex G300 GEPL Godex G300 GZPL
Godex G330 Godex G330 GEPL Godex G330 GZPL
Godex G500 Godex G500 GEPL Godex G500 GZPL
Godex G525 Godex G525 GEPL Godex G525 GZPL
Godex G530 Godex G530 GEPL Godex G530 GZPL
Godex G535 Godex G535 GEPL Godex G535 GZPL
Godex MX20 Godex MX20 GEPL Godex MX20 GZPL
Godex MX30 Godex MX30 GEPL Godex MX30 GZPL
Godex MX30i Godex MX30i GEPL Godex MX30i GZPL
Godex RT200 Godex RT200 GEPL Godex RT200 GZPL
Godex RT200i Godex RT200i GEPL Godex RT200i GZPL
Godex RT230 Godex RT230 GEPL Godex RT230 GZPL
Godex RT230i Godex RT230i GEPL Godex RT230i GZPL
Godex RT700 Godex RT700 GEPL Godex RT700 GZPL
Godex RT700i Godex RT700i GEPL Godex RT700i GZPL
Godex RT700x Godex RT700x GEPL Godex RT700x GZPL
Godex RT730 Godex RT730 GEPL Godex RT730 GZPL
Godex RT730i Godex RT730i GEPL Godex RT730i GZPL
Godex RT730x Godex RT730x GEPL Godex RT730x GZPL
Godex ZX1200i Godex ZX1200i GEPL Godex ZX1200i GZPL
Godex ZX1300i Godex ZX1300i GEPL Godex ZX1300i GZPL
Godex ZX1600i Godex ZX1600i GEPL Godex ZX1600i GZPL