New printer drivers available

19 giugno 2018

TEKLYNX has released new printer drivers for the following printer models. These are available for download from the DSP (Driver Service Pack).

Note: Check the compatibility of printer drivers with your labelling software. Compatibility can be checked on the DSP before you download the driver.

Download them from the DSP now.

BRADY family

I7100 - 300
I7100 - 300P
I7100 - 600
I7100 - 600P

ALFAService family

XP1 1000HD
XP1 1000XD
XP1 2000HD
XP1 2000XD
XP1 3000HD
XP1 3000XD
XP1 4000HD
XP1 4000XD
XP1 5000HD
XP1 5000XD
XP1 6000HD
XP1 6000XD
XP1 7000HD
XP1 7000XD
XP1 8000HD
XP1 8000XD
XP2 1000XD
XP2 2000XD
XP2 3000XD
XP2 4000XD
XP2 5000XD
XP2 6000XD
XP2 7000XD
XP2 8000XD


Dataflex 6330 53mm Intermittent
Dataflex 6330 53mm Continuous
Dataflex 6530 53mm Intermittent
Dataflex 6530 53mm Continuous
Videojet VJ 8520