TEKLYNX 2014 Products are Here!

04 February 2014

TEKLYNX is proud to introduce LABELVIEW 2014 and CODESOFT 2014 with upgraded features and increased functionality.

You asked, and we listened. LABELVIEW 2014 and CODESOFT 2014 launch with enhancements based on feedback from you, our valued customers. Download a Demo of these powerful label designers today to see the developments that will increase your business efficiencies and streamline operations.

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LABELVIEW 2014 & CODESOFT 2014 enhancements include…

  • Label Converter feature – Both label design applications include a tool for upwards label template conversion, allowing you to spend time producing labels, not redesigning them.
  • Print Dialog feature – It is now possible to keep the Print window open after the print job so you can create subsequent print jobs without having to reopen it, helping you save time and money
  • VBScripting (Visual Basic) – Both label design solutions can enable VBScript in your labels to trigger virtually any event. Automatically cancel printing if a label is referencing an image file that’s not found, to prevent a loss of productivity. Use Dynamic Styling to highlight allergens on food labels, to comply with regulations and protect consumers.
  • Network licensing tolerance – These powerful label designers know when you’re experiencing a loss of network connectivity and will continue to run for a longer window of time, enabling you to continue efficient label printing.
  • Windows 8.1 Compatibility – TEKLYNX’ label design solutions seamlessly integrate with the new Windows 8.1 operating system, allowing you to print and design labels on a faster, safer, more reliable platform

LABELVIEW 2014 and CODESOFT 2014 enhancements are packaged in the most powerful, easy-to-use interface, providing you the flexibility and efficiency needed when designing and printing labels.  Available in print engine, standalone and network configurations, TEKLYNX’ label design solutions are designed to fit your environment.