TEKLYNX International, Epson, Panther, and Miles Data are Teaming up at the ICTE Event April 17 - 19

29 March 2018

International Cheese Technology ExpoFood and beverage manufacturers face many labeling challenges including:

  • Managing to multiple label types
  • Tracking and tracing of products from raw materials to finished goods
  • Complex customer requirements
  • Continued rise of labeling requirements for compliant labels 

Cheese manufacturing, for example, can have the same cheese, prepared 5 different ways: a wheel of cheese, a brick of cheese, shaved cheese, shredded cheese, and cubed cheese. Each unit of cheese may also have different packaging, branding, and labeling requirements. Now, factor in the creation of labels for pricing based on random weights, product labels, case labels, and/or pallet labels. This poses demand for labeling solutions that can cater to a higher level of labeling complexities: database integrations, connections to weighing scales, on-demand color printing, dynamic styling, and more.  

Below are three of the most common challenges we are seeing for food manufacturers:

  1. Labeling Regulations on the Rise: The Food and Beverage industry is faced with more labeling regulations and initiatives than ever. Some examples include: the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), Allergen labeling, Nutrition Facts labeling, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and more. Check out this eBook from TEKLYNX, Navigating Food Labeling Requirements, to learn more about options on how to achieve compliance.  
  2. Color Labels Becoming More Prominent: There continues to be a rise of graphics and colors on labels for food and beverages. Color is being used often for better visual references, competitive differentiation, branding, and highlighting of key information. This requires manufactures to revisit their labeling processes and to explore moving to on-demand color labeling, color matching, and database integrations for variable images within labels. 
  3. The Need for More Lean Labeling Processes: As the food and beverage manufacturing industry evolves, supply chains are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to be leaner within their labeling environments. This could be exploring areas to remove unnecessary manual steps, installation of print and apply machines, and/or incorporation of print automation in labeling (print automation from a scan, scale, or script).

With so many challenges being faced by food manufacturers, ease of use in labeling processes and technologies is a must. To help address these common labeling challenges, TEKLYNX is teaming up with with Epson, Miles Data, and Panther to showcase and demonstrate labeling applications for food manufacturers. Come visit us in booth #1802 at ICTE and experience best practices in label design, on-demand color label printing, print and apply applications, and printing from scales. Looking to address your business’ specific challenges? Schedule a meeting with us for a free one-on-one demonstration at the event.