Lower Upfront Cost Option – TEKLYNX Barcode Label Design Software

04 April 2013

TEKLYNX is the only label design software company to offer subscription based licensing while still providing you the benefits of a traditional software purchase.

This simple licensing option was designed to provide you a lower upfront cost and the same positive experience of TEKLYNX solutions.

With TEKLYNX Subscription Licensing you’ll enjoy the benefits of…

  • Upgrades at no additional cost – you can always be on the latest and greatest version
  • Full tech support – get all of your questions answered, and your issues fixed
  • Simple renewal and pricing structure – an easy to understand price, every time

Are you unsure if subscription licensing is right for you?  Leverage the TEKLYNX Subscription Licensing Total Cost of Ownership Calculator to help you decide between traditional and subscription licensing payment options.

All of our 2012 products are available in subscription licensing and compatible with Windows 8.  Download a product demo today and don’t forget to ask your sales representative about TEKLYNX Subscription Licensing: