Marketing Reporting Analyst

Job Summary: The Marketing Reporting Analyst is an individual contributing to the organization through collaboration across all departments in a fast-paced environment. TEKLYNX is a marketing-driven organization - we pride ourselves on understanding our market and what their business needs are. Marketing builds effective, compelling messaging in an effort to drive demand to new prospects as well as existing customers. We are then responsible for successfully moving them through the marketing and sales funnel.

This individual will be focused on marketing reporting and analytics across all TEKLYNX marketing campaigns and tactics for both the enterprise and label design side of the business by measuring, reporting and analyzing direct and/or co-marketing integrated campaigns that leverage (may be a combination of) website, email messages, social media, videos, webinars, tradeshows, public relations, SEO and PPC. The Marketing Reporting Analyst individual must identify and effectively communicate any trends, gaps with the TEKLYNX campaigns while also being able to compare the findings against similar industry standards to help drive insights to support improvements in the successes of TEKLYNX marketing campaigning.

TEKLYNX is a pragmatic, results-driven organization. As a result, this individual will be responsible for consistently evaluating the success of each integrated program and making recommendations on what is working, what is not and offer potential go-forward ideas. This is based on tangible, measurable results, i.e. open rates, click thru rates, lead conversion rates, etc. In addition, the Marketing Reporting Analyst individual will report to the Marketing Director to ensure timely communication of marketing metrics findings, while contributing to ensure Marketing lead goals are being met. If goals are not being met this individual will be expected to make program recommendations on how to bridge the gap.

This is a 20% strategic, 80% tactical marketing position that requires a process-oriented individual with the ability to multi-task, consistently meet deadlines, apply critical thinking, while being very detail-oriented. Influencing others, perspective and managing and measuring work are also required competencies.

This person will be responsible for doing all of our marketing reporting and analytics by pulling and analyzing data from a variety of databases - Lead Manager, Survey Monkey, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Knowledge Base, Sitecore, Constant Contact, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. (and ensure it stays up to date in a central place/dashboard, is archived, is communicated, and will be analyzed by the marketing team on an ongoing basis for further digestion and go forward action development).

This person will need to be able to identify trending across marketing tactics, perform industry/market research to see how our stats compare to industry averages, etc.

This person will also perform marketing related database quality checks, accurate data segmentation for use in campaigning, identify marketing related data gaps and apply critical thinking and solutions based on the findings (with input from other team members as applicable), etc. This person will also be responsible for ongoing marketing data exports/imports.

This person will need to be proficient in excel, has experience in marketing analytics and reporting, can show big picture/critical thinking (trends, gaps, highlights/lowlights), has high attention to detail, can multi-task, and can work in a fast paced environment.

Other ideal attributes include experience in SQL, Constant Contact, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Job Requirements: The candidate must be detail-oriented and have the ability to follow predefined processes while applying critical big picture thinking in how data across multiple reports and databases compare to each other and trending analytics (good or bad). This person must be able to handle healthy, professional conflict as well as be a critical thinker. Must be able to effectively handle multiple demands by numerous persons in a professional manner. Minimum education requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a background in marketing/marketing analytics or 3-5 years of equivalent work experience successfully analyzing marketing programs in a results-driven environment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Report on and analyze integrated label design and enterprise channel-friendly, marketing programs in an effort drive high quality sales leads.
  • Achieve monthly and annual label design and enterprise lead goals through continued improvements in demand generation programs based on findings in trends, gaps, etc.
  • Reports to Global Marketing Director to timely communicate all marketing program findings while ensuring the results are aligning with the organization’s strategy and brand as well as the thematic goal.
  • Consistently evaluate integrated programs to measure results, identify the necessary frequency and areas for improvement (measure using the following statistics: lead conversion rates, open rates, click-thru rates, website page views, bounces, etc).
  • Apply market research to compare against TEKLYNX statistics and content, offer suggestions and insights on how TEKLYNX compares to the industry and offer ideas on market topics of interest from our resellers and end-users to drive relevant marketing content.
  • Offer suggestions on opportunities for improvement (building a business case with the support of report findings) on the content of the TEKLYNX Americas website, program landing pages as well as the vendor relationship, etc.
  • Disciplined use of marketing management tools to stay organized, work across departments, follow processes and meet deadlines (SQL, Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc).

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line Employment Opportunity: Marketing Reporting Analyst.