Business Development Representative

Job Summary: The Business Development Representative is a full-time, high volume sales, phone based lead qualification role, employed at our Glendale, WI location.  This individual will contribute to revenue growth through day-to-day lead management and qualification by applying inside sales processes and product knowledge. The Business Development Representative is responsible for:

  • The qualification of all label design leads through cold call campaigns and inbound leads coming into the TEKLYNX lead management tool by following our defined lead qualification process.
  • Seeking to understand and verifying the prospect’s label design business needs by asking predefined qualification questions to understand level of labeling complexities and aligning the correct TEKLYNX solution with those needs.
  • Lead distribution to our reseller channel or enterprise sales team by following the lead distribution guidelines and process. 
  • Managing/monitoring the distributed/qualified leads in the tool to ensure the proper follow-up is happening by the assigned “lead catcher”. 
  • The overall quality of leads that are being distributed to TEKLYNX business partners and for providing feedback to Marketing leadership around what type of leads are coming into the tool – what’s working, what’s not, trends, obstacles, and opportunities.
  • Communicating feedback to the partner management team around the lead follow up commitments and/or any additional lead situations that may have occurred with the partners.
  • Providing internal support to our customer service and technical support teams by ensuring consistency in messaging and identification of potential leads. 

This is a solution sales and marketing position that requires attention to detail and the ability to work within predefined processes and tools. Customer focus, time management and technical learning are required competencies.  

Job Requirements: The candidate must possess excellent communication, time management and interpersonal skills. Must be able to effectively handle multiple demands by numerous persons in a professional manner.  Excellent prospecting and qualification skills. Minimum education requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a background in sales and marketing.  2-5 years inside sales or lead qualification experience preferred. Bilingual ability (English & Spanish) is a plus. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Achieve daily/weekly/monthly assigned label design lead and revenue targets through lead qualification and distribution to business partners
  • Achieve monthly assigned enterprise lead and revenue targets through lead qualification and passing to the enterprise sales team
  • Qualify leads by doing web research and making outbound phone calls while applying appropriate phone based sales skills for the purpose of qualification
  • Provide prompt and accurate service to the end users at all times
  • Understands, tracks, reports, and analyzes lead activity to ensure accuracy and proper evaluation of business success
  • Tracks all customer inquiries and sales leads and ensures follow up is complete
  • Responsible for answering incoming calls and emails from prospective customers, current customers and resellers
  • Responsible for providing critical lead feedback to marketing for product development as well as appropriate messages that are making the most significant impact on revenue
  • Follow and improve all predefined processes

Core Competencies:

  • Communicates EffectivelyDeveloping and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences

    • Is effective in a variety of communication settings: one on one, small and large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels
    • Attentively listens to others
    • Adjusts to fit the audience and the message
    • Provides timely and helpful information to others across the organization
    • Encourages the open expression of divers ideas and opinions

  • Drives Results/Action OrientedTaking on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm. 

    • Readily takes action on challenges, without unnecessary planning
    • Identifies and seizes new opportunities
    • Displays can-do attitude in good and bad times
    • Steps up to handle tough issues
    • Has a strong bottom-line orientation
    • Persists in accomplishing objectives despite obstacles and setbacks
    • Has a track record of exceeding goals successfully
    • Pushes self and helps others achieve results

  • Business InsightsApplying knowledge of business and the marketplace to advance the organization’s goals. 

    • Knows how businesses work and how organizations make money
    • Keeps up with current and possible future policies, practices, and trends in the organization, with the competition, and in the marketplace
    • Uses knowledge of business drivers and how strategies and tactics play out in the market to guide actions

  • CollaboratesBuilding Partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives

    • Works cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives
    • Represents own interests while being fair to others and their areas
    • Partners with others to get work done
    • Credits others for their contributions and accomplishments
    • Gains trust and support of others

  • Customer FocusBuilding strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions

    • Gains insight into customer needs
    • Identifies opportunities that benefit the customer
    • Builds and delivers solutions that meet customer expectations
    • Establishes and maintains effective customer relations

Interested candidates should submit a completed resume and cover letter to: OR TEKLYNX International; Attn: Jenna Wagner; 501 W Northshore Dr., Ste. H-380, Glendale WI 53217