Label Printing Automation Software

SENTINEL seamlessly runs in the background of your system as an automated low maintenance program and gives you the ability to centrally print on hundreds of printers all at the same time. Once label design data is received by SENTINEL, the application will take care of the rest of your printing process with no need for human intervention.

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Business Benefits

SENTINEL saves time and prevents errors by eliminating unnecessary manual processes by centralizing and integrating your printing system with your business systems. Once it is configured, SENTINEL requires little to no manual maintenance.

Reduce IT Overhead Eliminate unnecessary IT interaction when it comes to your print inventory management. SENTINEL, as a label software solution, requires little to no manual maintenance once it is configured.

Any Data - Any System SENTINEL's unique Mapper tool does all the work for you by decoding any type of data and automatically mapping it to text, barcodes, or images on your labels. You can automatically and continuously convert data from disparate systems like Oracle and SAP.

Centralize for Reduced Errors SENTINEL provides unmatched flexibility for your label printing environment. With the ability to automate printing out of all of your business systems, SENTINEL is robust enough to serve a decentralized business from a centralized application. 

Manage SENTINEL From the Web SENTINEL's Web Module can be accessed from any browser anywhere in the world. Simply provide a username and password and any user can access the automated label printing software and keep your labeling process on track.

Market Proven As an elite Microsoft Gold certified partner and Microsoft Front Runner, TEKLYNX has the experience and technology to offer the best server-side printing solution. SENTINEL is an innovative barcode software product with quality proven by thousands of successful global installations. It integrates seamlessly with CODESOFT to offer unmatched flexibility and performance.

SENTINEL offers:

  • Integration with multiple systems and multiple printers across your enterprise environment.
  • Little to no manual management software support, reducing the burden on your IT staff.
  • The ability to print to multiple printers on your network at one time.
  • Prioritization for print jobs in a complex printing environment.
  • Unrestricted data capture - If you can send label software data to SENTINEL, the application will print it. SENTINEL can read virtually any type of text-based flat file, parse the data, and print it.
  • Secure backups through duplication of all configuration data, giving you a secondary server to rely on during upgrades or scheduled maintenance.
Operating System
Windows® 10
Windows® 8 / 8.1
Windows® Server 2016
Windows® Server 2012 / 2012 R2
Windows® 7 SP1
Windows® Server 2008 SP2
Windows® Server 2008 R2 SP1
Windows® Vista SP2
Windows® 32/64-bit platform
Memory Recommendations for Best Performance
10 GB Available Hard Disk Space
Minimum: 1024 x 768 - True Color 32 bit
Compatibility With Other TEKLYNX Software
Software Requirements
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2
Any PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available with the installation)
Additional Requirements
System must have access to the Internet (software key)
USB port if using a USB key (hardware key)
DVD player
How is SENTINEL licensed?
SENTINEL is licensed per printer. Licenses are not concurrent.
What does SENTINEL cost?
SENTINEL automated label printing software is sold through a global network of over 1,500 resellers and integrators. Pricing is available from our partners. To find a reseller in your area contact us online or call the TEKLYNX office in your region.
What barcode labeling design software does SENTINEL use?
SENTINEL utilizes CODESOFT as its label design software.
What languages does CODESOFT support?
Europe, Middle-East and Africa range: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Asia range: Chinese (simplified + traditional), English, Japanese, Korean.
Can SENTINEL be used with my database management system?
Yes, it works with virtually any database management system.
What is a Flat File?
Plain text in ANSI encoding. If you can open the flat file with a plain text editor, SENTINEL can receive the file as input.
Can I use SENTINEL to add label print functionality?
Yes. By integrating SENTINEL with CODESOFT, you can not only implement proven labeling technology, but also drive this labeling technology directly from your existing system using the features of SENTINEL.
Can I get a demo or trial version of SENTINEL?
Yes, you can! Request a demo of SENTINEL.