TEKLYNX is committed to offering its customers the highest quality customer care in the industry, delivering outstanding day-to-day customer service and technical support.

Our customer service staff is available to assist you with product questions and can put you in touch with a reseller to make your software purchase quick and easy.

The TEKLYNX technical support team offers solutions for technical problems encountered while using TEKLYNX software products. This includes issues with features and functionality, installation issues, OS compatibility problems, and software-related error messages.

Support Cycle

The TEKLYNX Product Support Life Cycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability at the time of product release. This policy provides advance notification of planned changes in product availability and support, with the intention of helping customers and partners with their product planning decisions.

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Technical Support

The technical support is provided by our accredited TEKLYNX Partners, so you are advised to contact your reseller in the first instance. If you need help locating a reseller, please contact TEKLYNX in your region.

Note: The link below is a technical support tool used for troubleshooting. It cannot be used to request support but is a good place to find answers to frequently asked questions concerning installation, product functionality, barcode specifications, and printing requirements.

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Software Activation

For how to activate a license, download the relevant Activation Guide for the product version concerned.

To activate your software via our website, go to:

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Software Deactivation

For how to deactivate a license, download the relevant Deactivation Guide for the product version concerned.


Hardware key

For how to upgrade your hardware key, download the Upgrade procedure.