TEKLYNX CODESOFT and Epson ColorWorks C3500

17 February 2016

New Video on How to Design & Print Labels with Epson ColorWorks C3500 and CODESOFT Software

Today's hardware and software have become highly interconnected and interdependent. This symbiotic relationship is vital to the ongoing evolution of future devices, as each introduces new capabilities, influencing the other to create further innovations. This dynamic hardware-software evolution is responsible for enormous leaps in capability and performance.

View the new video created by Epson, below, to show the simple steps involved in designing labels in TEKLYNX CODESOFT software and printing them to an Epson ColorWorks C3500, a high-speed, high-quality color label printer, designed to print a wide variety of labels in-house with a low cost-per-label.


*CODESOFT 2015 is the latest version. Download a free demo here. 

In the labeling world, software and hardware go hand in hand - you simply cannot have one without the other. Designing labels means nothing if you cannot print them, and vice versa. TEKLYNX understands and embraces this, and continuously works with printer manufacturers across the globe to ensure that our software shakes hands with the hardware needed for companies to successfully complete their labeling process.

There has been an increase in industry standards and government regulations that specifically require the use of color. Color can help provide additional levels of visual communication by enabling the inclusion of bold safety warnings that catch attention and draw the eye to critical information on any type of label. By using TEKLYNX CODESOFT software with Epson color label printers such as the C3500, companies are able to comply with industry standards and government regulations.

The partnership between TEKLYNX and Epson offers our shared customers the best overall color labeling solution for GHS-compliant labels, fresh food labels, healthcare label printing, and more! 

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