SENTINEL 6.10.00 Now Available

21 June 2011

A new release of SENTINEL is available. SENTINEL 6.10.00 adds the following new features:

  • A new input plug-in called dbWatch can retrieve data from an existing database. This feature is only available in the Data Exchange version of SENTINEL. This plug-in can catch either all records from a table, only newly added records, or only some records based on a value of a dedicated Status field.
  • New options in the SENTINEL Backup Service (SBS) allow a notification email to be sent on server switching.
  • New options in the SENTINEL Backup Service (SBS) allows strict synchronization of secondary server files. This allows the service to delete files on the secondary server when the original files are deleted from the primary server, and to overwrite files that are modified directly on the secondary server with files from the primary server, independently of the file modification date.
  • A new software protection method has been implemented. The SENTINEL Release Notes contain a full list of enhancements and defect fixes for previous versions.

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SENTINEL 6.10.00 has been validated with the following TEKLYNX software packages:
  • CODESOFT 9.10