Management Team Acquires TEKLYNX

20 December 2010

TEKLYNX® International, the world’s leading developer of software products for the Automatic Identification & Data Collection (AIDC) marketplace, has acquired the TEKLYNX business unit from Brady Corporation.

"This change best positions us to support not only our growth but the growth of our business partners, while enabling us to better serve a wider range of customers, from small local startups to global corporations," says Laura Henderson, Managing Director – Americas.

TEKLYNX Americas has been growing by 15% year-over-year and anticipates continued growth as new enterprise products are launched to the market in 2011.

"We will continue to apply the same rigor and best practices to our development process. Our independence will allow us to be flexible and agile in response to industry and customer needs,' says Alex Guderzo, Vice President of Research and Development.