LABELVIEW 9 Sets New Standard for Barcode and Label Design Software

22 July 2011

Intuitive user interface and enhanced connectivity features result in greater productivity and flexibility

MILWAUKEE (June 23, 2011)TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading developer of automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) software, has released LABELVIEW 9, an entirely new standard for bar code and label design software.

LABELVIEW 9 includes a completely redesigned interface and many additional features to boost power and speed. The easy-to-use, highly stable software is backed by TEKLYNX’ expanded focus on bestin-class support and service.

Intuitive by design, LABELVIEW 9 allows users to quickly create labels and bar codes and encode RFID tags. Custom forms simplify data entry, resulting in improved productivity and fewer errors. Integration with other systems is included and optimized for automated label printing.

Compliance is also easy with LABELVIEW 9, which supports more than 50 barcode types and 25 interface languages. The GS1-certified solution helps organizations meet compliance standards in
virtually any industry.

“Conversations with customers were the guiding force behind the creation of LABELVIEW 9,” said Laura Henderson, Managing Director of TEKLYNX Americas. “Long-time users of the LABELVIEW platform will be duly impressed by all the improvements and first-time users will find it very easy to use. Both will appreciate LABELVIEW 9’s user-friendly design, enhanced stability and our industry-leading technical support.”

Some of the new features of LABELVIEW 9 include:

  • Wizards: Simplify the creation of barcodes and the addition of images, text and other information
  • Label Conversion Tool: Makes it easier to upgrade labels and helps manage printing by recommending the appropriate extended driver to use with the existing printer
  • Database Connectivity: Provides an easier way to connect to a database and create queries
  • Side-by-Side View: Allows users to have multiple labels open at the same time and perform an on-screen comparison of two different labels
  • Updated Printing Interface: Includes a preview of the label prior to printing in order to reduce errors

The easy-to-install software also provides the flexibility to support an organization’s evolving needs. In addition to hassle-free upgrading from LABELVIEW 8, the latest edition offers the ability to transition to enterprise-level solutions as operations grow. The software retains all core label archives, eliminating the need for additional data entry during the upgrade.

TEKLYNX LABELVIEW 9 is available through the TEKLYNX network of 1,500 resellers and integrators around the world.


TEKLYNX International is the leading software developer of AIDC products including software for label design, host connectivity, and data collection. Its software products feature the widest range of device and driver support in the industry. TEKLYNX is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and has connectivity relationships with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software providers. More than 600,000 companies in 120 countries rely on its integrated software solutions for
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