LABEL ARCHIVE 2012 is Now Available!

12 September 2013

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Are you required to document the history of labels, but don’t have a system to do so?
  2. Do you have a manual label approval process?
  3. When you make an update to a label, do you have to update multiple machines?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, request a demo of the new and improved LABEL ARCHIVE 2012 solution.

LABEL ARCHIVE supports the need of our customers for:

  • Traceability – The system captures and reports on changes, comments, revisions, and print history for every label in your system.
  • Approval – Application-based label approval by designated reviewers ensures only the appropriate label versions make it into production (minimizing print errors).  Automatic emails to the appropriate reviewer provide a streamlined workflow.
  • Central Repository – Consolidate disparate label templates by storing them within LABEL ARCHIVE’s database (easier to administer).

The newly released version features:

  • Enhanced reporting allows for more customization and variable values.
  • Print reconciliation enhancements provide the ability to mark and report on successful/failed printed labels and the ability to search for a specific variable value across all of the print jobs for that label.
  • The ability to attach a document in the label design approval process.

Request a demo of LABEL ARCHIVE 2012 and start solving the above pain points today!