CODESOFT 9.00.02 Now Available

07 October 2010

A new release of CODESOFT is available for download.

CODESOFT 9.00.02 adds the following new features:

  • Variables can be organized in subcategories in the data sources display.
  • A new setting allows you to disable wizards by default.
  • Formatting can be disabled in the GS1 wizard to allow printing on printers that can receive barcode formulas.
  • Barcode wizards now use the formatted output value for variables defined in the barcode formula.
  • CODESOFT now supports Autocad files up to version 2010.
  • A new Full Clipping Mode setting clips graphic text and barcodes that are positioned partially outside of the label.
  • Modulo 16 check digit is now available for CODABAR and as a formula.
  • A default option for printer selection allows you to use the printer defined in the document.

The CODESOFT Release Notes contain a full list of enhancements and defect fixes for previous versions. 

View Release Notes
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CODESOFT 9.00.02 is compatible and fully tested to work with the following TEKLYNX software products:

  • SENTINEL 6.00
  • BACKTRACK 6.00