CODESOFT 9.00.01 Now Available

04 May 2010

A new release of CODESOFT is available for download. CODESOFT 9.00.01 adds the following new features:

  • The new Manage Multiple Pages option allows you to create and print multiple-page labels for cases and pick lists.
  • LisfField capabilities are extended to support report printing.
  • Word wrapping inside a cell is now possible.
  • The HIBC wizard has been updated to use HIBC Specification, Rev. 2.3.
  • The Load Printer Saved in Document setting has been updated. CODESOFT now searches for the printer using the exact name specified in the application. If the printer is not found, the application searches for the printer with the same model name.
  • The Tracking Report is now accessible via the ActiveX interface.

The CODESOFT Release Notes contain a full list of enhancements and defect fixes for this and previous versions. 

View Release Notes
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CODESOFT 9.00.01 is compatible and fully tested to work with the following TEKLYNX software products:

  • BACKTRACK 6.00
  • SENTINEL 5.10
  • IDEAM 6.00

CODESOFT 9.00.01 is a free upgrade for SMA holders. For more information, visit