CODESOFT 8.51 Now Available

18 January 2009

A new release of CODESOFT 8 is available for download. The new version of CODESOFT 8 adds the following new features:

  • New bar code symbologies – Code 49, Intelligent Mail (USPS 4-State), ISBN 13, and RSS expanded stacked
  • New formulas allow calculation of “best before date” and “expiration date” at print time
  • Database loops specify the number of times a set of records should be printed when using a database
  • Refresh table at print time option reevaluates table lookup fields in a document at print time to ensure the most current information is used
  • Silent installation option available
  • Prerequisite programs automatically install if necessary
  • Quick Start Guide and Administrator’s Guide are now directly accessible from the Help menu

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Download Upgrade

CODESOFT 8.51 is compatible and fully tested to work with the following TEKLYNX software products:
  • LABEL ARCHIVE 2.04 & 2.05
  • SENTINEL 5.05
  • IDEAM 6.0

CODESOFT 8.51 is available as a free upgrade for SMA holders.