TEKLYNX Employee Testimonials


“At TEKLYNX we are a family. We work together to make sure that at the end of the day we have the positive impact on our customers they have learned to expect from us. TEKLYNX has given me countless opportunities to grow both my technical and customer service skills while at the same time allowing me to feel my work is appreciated. For the first time in a long time I enjoy coming to work!” -- Tania Kontny, Technical Support Representative


“The honesty and integrity displayed by all employees, including management, has made my experience at TEKLYNX very positive.  Everyone knows that we are here for one goal and at the end of the day it shows in our success.  Everyone has a voice at TEKLYNX – we work together to improve processes and ultimately achieve growth as an organization.” -- Rasheeda Panniell, Customer Care Representative


“Working for TEKLYNX is great! Not only do we have an effective business strategy, but our guiding values have enabled us to hire talented employees and establish strong partnerships. I love coming to work and doing what we do!  After numerous career changes, I feel like I have finally found my niche!” -- Doug Niemeyer, General Manager– TEKLYNX Americas


“I thoroughly enjoy working at TEKLYNX.  It is a challenging, yet rewarding job.  Every single day is a new experience, whether it is working with colleagues, resellers, or end users. TEKLYNX expects you to be successful and enables you to be - the teamwork is amazing!  They take care of their employees and I look forward to having a long and successful career here.” -- Cory Catterall, Enterprise Sales Executive