Food Traceability Software

TRACKSOFT provides a complete food traceability solution for small and medium sized food growers and manufacturers to reduce liabilities and increase efficiencies throughout all phases of food manufacturing. As food traceability is more important now than ever before, TEKLYNX software solutions allow you to positively identify products and their exact ingredients should a safety recall occur - saving your company time and money, and potentially saving lives.

Business Benefits

TRACKSOFT helps you improve the quality, the service and the global efficiency of your company.

Identify Production Cycles With TRACKSOFT, you can identify all stages involved in the fabrication of a product. You can trace the origin of the ingredients and components, suppliers, places where items are warehoused, production equipment, and any problems that might initiate recall efforts.

Manage Inventory Accurately managing and tracking inventory in multiple locations is simple using TRACKSOFT’s multiple criteria filters. You can automatically update quantities from receiving and shipping forms, and automate data collection and entry using a PDA.

Implement FIFO Inventory Rotation Faster inventory and order processing allows you to apply real-time inventory control. You’ll be able to rotate out older stock sooner and keep tabs on quantities and best-by dates.

Guarantee Ascending and Descending Traceability TRACKSOFT enables ascending traceability (manufactured product) or descending traceability (product ingredients) whether food or ingredients are assigned for delivery, manufacture, or shipment.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple and clear menus
  • Intuitive and dynamic online Help available starting at the first screen
  • User control with secure profiles
  • Simple integration of your business management solution
  • Interface and online Help available in six languages
Hard Disk Space
A hard drive with at least 130 MB free disk space
A VGA or higher resolution monitor required (SVGA recommended)
CD-ROM drive
Mouse (required)
Operating System
An IBM-compatible PC operating on Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista
Windows 2000 with 64 MB RAM (128MB recommended)
Windows XP with 128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended)
Windows Vista with 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended )
Who needs TRACKSOFT?
Small to medium sized food manufacturers that need to comply with food traceability regulations and/or anyone who produces or grows food products that are shipped to European Union.
What is traceability?
ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which develops voluntary international standards for products and services, defines traceability as the "ability to trace the history, application, or location of that which is under consideration."

Using TRACKSOFT, traceability lets you identify:
  • All the stages involved in the fabrication of a product
  • The origin of the ingredients and components
  • The ingredient and raw material suppliers
  • The places where the products and ingredients are warehoused
  • The equipment used in the production or manipulation of the products
  • The production, distribution and sales batch numbers
  • If there is a problem with products or ingredients you can identify the exact products affected and who they were shipped to
What are the main areas of traceability in food production/manufacturing?
TRACKSOFT provides a full traceability solution. The four main modules in TRACKSOFT are:
  • Receiving - Identify raw materials as they enter inventory
  • Production - Manage internal production
  • Shipping - Track all shipments in granular detail
  • Reporting - Ensure the traceability of all finished products and materials/components
Can I assign different privileges to different users in TRACKSOFT?
Yes - you can create user accounts that have different roles, for example: users (who have limited ability to make changes) and administrators (who can change anything within the system).
Does TRACKSOFT support multiple users?
TRACKSOFT can be configured to share its database among multiple users. To ensure maximum performance TEKLYNX recommends you limit the number of users to 25. There is also a multi-database edition available that can use several separate databases to track activities for separate facilities or companies.
Are there mobile application options available with TRACKSOFT?
TRACKSOFT has a mobile application module that is designed to handle inventory and receiving activities.
Where can I find pricing information?
TRACKSOFT is sold through a global network of over 1,500 resellers and integrators. Pricing is available from our partners.

To find a reseller in your area contact us online or call (414) 837-4800.